Fantasy Island

I went into this movie barely knowing anything about it. I had seen the poster for months but it never pulled me in enough to care. Then I thought, gee, I wonder how they’re making this like the TV show? Why did they wait so long to make this show into a movie? I watched the trailer — well, seems all right. PG-13, probably not that great.

Hated the cast straight away. A bunch of 30-somethings acting like geeks. Launched into their half-assed fantasies. Left with nobody to root for. The sets looked cheesy. The end twist, at least left you with something but the effort was too little too late. I was hoping it would be like the Twilight Zone and everyone would meet their doom at the end. No happily ever afters. Then they choose any ol random character to be Tattoo at the very end. What the fuck was that?

I don’t know why I did this to myself. I’ll stick with the original series. The original series was filled at the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia, California where I went to school. There were a lot of trips to the Arboretum talking about the show — finding the locations. I’ll stick with my Queen Anne Cottage memories.

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